Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


He’s a stupid stupid excuse for a journalist. It’s not ‘sour’ and it’s not melancholy, it’s the distillation of all the mundanity, ugliness, tragedy, hope, disappointment, beauty, anger and everything else that makes up existence.
It’s alchemy.
It should be left the fuck alone. Banning it will be irrelevant anyway. You may as well ban laughing or crying.


11 commandments for every classroom.


A potential retrial. :laughing:


:clap: everyone ends up bankrupt.




thats just teeing it up for a nice “locked in a basement” post right there.

But hey, it’s Christmas and its a Friday. Enjoy the weekend pal.


Bressie will be all over that like a fly on shite.


Its a gimme, I was waiting for who would be the first gimp to use it.


Tip one. No more locking women in your basement eh @myboyblue eh eh


Tried and trusted mate, tried and trusted.



Step 1. Put the chloroform on the cloth…



I hope they use the money for an exorcism the child is obviously possessed


At least the Judge held the funds until the child is 18. :ronnyroar:


Fuck sake. Why aren’t these cunts being laughed out of court.

“There is no visible scar. For a fair period of time it left an area of brown skin,” said Mr Linehan, who added that you would “want good eyesight to see it”.


Because the insurance company offered to settle?


I’ve moved on from that.


We need to start leveraging our history of oppression


Ya I know that, pal. Why are the insurance companies offering to settle?