Snowflakes Thread (whigger warning)


She’s a big eejit.


Mother of fuck.


society is in huge trouble. massive massive trouble. this very scenario is actually something i myself personally warned people of during the marriage debate and the rush to give homosexuals something that was designed solely for hetro sexuals. society gave it to them though under the label ‘equality’ because they were afraid of their shit, basically out of fear of being labelled racist or phobic etc etc.
i get no satisfaction from being proven correct so quickly, because this is only going one way. and here we go again. all this nutty madness chipping away at norms in society out of pure spitefulness.
eventually, a few generations down the line women will be up to all sorts, youll have cunts like una mullaly and that in positions of power with the sole intention of destroying men. we’ll be like the blacks in aparthaid south africa . separated from women in case we look sideways at them or have nice thoughts about them. thanks be to fuck ill be long gone when the worst of it comes. women are cunts and men who pander to these horrible fucking ugly women are bigger cunts,


I think it’s time to start a #fuckoff movement


I heard a snippet of a debate on the radio about this anti-female part of the constitution :scream::

2 1° In particular, the State recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.

2° The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.


something big is needed, this is too important


In response to what?


Didn’t you find it hilarious when your father debased your poor mother with a misogynistic, innuendo-laden cheap joke one Christmas?


Your own mother.

You misogynistic pig.


What we need is a good war. Weed out these weak minded cunts.


They would get a doctors note to say that the loud noise of war would be upsetting and can stay at home tweeting about it




Working hard today?


You’re obviously doing something right to inspire such devotion, I’d have thought it was a busy time of year up on the forklift but clearly nothing got done this morning,
Bravo :clap:


Harder than you.


Look at. I’m not saying that a lot of wrongs don’t deserve to be righted at all. I would consider myself a right of centre person and a fairly reasonable person. I freely admit I voted no in the abortion referendum and would probably still vote now tomorrow. Having said that 65%of the country voted yes and I recognise the democratic right of people. In terms of gays rights and all that kind of thing, I have no issue with it.
I’m talking about the kind of shit we’ve seen in the last few days. Demanding lines be rewritten/ omitted from songs, refusal to recite fairytale to kids because of preceived sexual reference where the authors had no ill intent whatsoever. That kind of bollox. It’s taking it too far


an attempt to control words is sinister as fuck

That sort of censorship is authoritarian


As Ger would say “Absolutely!”


Homsexuality is so normalized now that they’ve to go back to songs written in 1987 to feel outraged. I don’t think they like the normalization of it. And to make matters worse, a lot of the people offended by this aren’t even homosexuals.

They’d be as well off fighting for equal rights for gays in Russia where the poor bastards are still being beaten up.


When will shite end. Im not a fan of fairytale if new york and think it is played to much but still banning it because it contains faggot is fucking moronic.

Ed Power: ‘Time has come to relocate Fairytale of New York to that dark room reserved for things that were once acceptable but no longer are’