Social Media "Influencers"

That would explain all the lads doing coke having to use the cubicles in bathrooms :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Lads would do well to observe how Gary Lineker subtly wiped his arse on the pitch in Italia 90 without drawing attention to himself.

The Leader is going after @Thomas_Brady

What’s all this?

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You’ll know when Aine gets back from her hols

Like the man said

The admins at will be uneasy tonight having seen this.



Isn’t that right @Thomas_Brady

I’ve no idea what’s going on here.

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Not the first time.

Correct. I don’t really pay attention.

Mental material- how there hasn’t been legal letters yet

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What’s this?


Only just found out that existed. Very odd, awful stuff said alright. I mean their covid tread is very tame all agreeing with each other without people accusing each other of being murderers, goverment shills, racist, right wing or supporting peados.

Nothing on football from the 80s or how fifty the dubs were back them.


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What are the odds that a regional newspaper would have discovered Tattle?!

The Mrs has circumvented her ban on Tattle and returned with a rebrand. I’m very proud of her internetting.


A picture of a particularly creamy gin goblet would get you a handy Nice Post over there.

Any particular tread that is bad over. Very difficult to navigate