Social Media Outrage Log Thread


There is widespread outrage at people going for a walk and swimming during Hurricane #Ophelia (Opehlia, Orphelia, Ofeelia, O’Phelia, Ua Fhaile).

Victim blaming is everywhere.

Some outrage on Bloggersunveiled. One of these model/fitness bloggers was slagging of a guy on the beach about getting fit and state of him.

I’d ate that.

In this heat and with current water restrictions?

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I’m willing to take the risk.


She is as thick as 2 planks.

I’m not looking for the bradán feasa here.

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Hope ya like the taste of olive oil, this one thinks its fantastic to rub on before going out in the sun. :slight_smile:

She has really upset folks on social media. Some more pics for @myboyblue

Glorious creature.

A distinct lack of outrage over the disgusting comment to Roger (:goat:) Federer yesterday. Ih I forgot*, he’s a straight white male.

*I didn’t.

You are out of luck she is vegan, she wont be eating any meat. :slight_smile:

Following my good friend @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy’s recommendations I went Vegan some time ago.

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You are also the father or a child apparently after spending too much time on here reading father’s issues thread

@caoimhaoin you need to check out @fitFAMfailures on instagram calling out all the cowboys in the fitness industry. :slight_smile:

She looks deformed to me.

Eating camel toe in a drought, how novel.