Social Media Outrage Log Thread


The Calvin Klien underwear seem to be a big thing for these Female Instragram bloggers and the ones who are big in to the fitness


There is a real nastiness to young women at times. Social media gives a platform to it.

At the Taylor Swift concert I attended recently there was a lovely young girl standing beside me with her hair and make up done - she had Down Syndrome. Two little cunts on other side of me were laughing and taking sly photos of the girl and also of some very overweight girl. I assume to post to their “story”.

Malevolent bitches will get their comeuppance I hope.


mr hardchaw on here but shits himself to confront two teens bullying a girl with downs


What did you do?


waited 14 days and came on here to give out


A measured response.


Unfortunately the way it’s gone these days a middle aged man at Taylor Swift chastising strange teenage girls for being bullies would have landed me in the District Court. The two “victims” were also unaware of the nasty behaviour.

I did help an old lady who was not known to me (cutting off the mother gags) yesterday who had difficulty navigating her way across a road after getting eye drops in the Eye and Ear Hospital. She needed assistance to get to her bus stop so I hailed a taxi on mytaxi to see her right.

#virtuesignalling #winning


Well done @TheUlteriorMotive, no point in drawing attention when the youngsters weren’t aware.

Instagram is a poison.


Nothing else you could have done there pal really sad to say.


Did you have an ulterior motive for helping that old lady?


The taxi drive was his mate. He sent him a message saying “Nice fare for you here bud, blind, deaf and possibly senile, you can drive her around for the day. Get me a pint later”


post reported.






Reminds me of Clubber Lang.,


Oh the backlash is on BloggersUnveiled has been taken down and so have Fitfamfailures. The influencers/Bloggers are fighting back.


Bloggers Unveiled trending on Twitter.

People trying to guess who he/she is.

Some wan from Tullamore had to make a statement saying it wasn’t her after receiving death threats…


Yeah its being going on for a couple of days. Yer one from Tullamore gave an interview to the Irishtimes after a couple of lads named her and put up a load of stuff she posted 10 years ago.

Tell ya the truth the couple of queens are a better fit for Bloggersunveiled than yer one. I always suspected it was a member of the Gay community who was BloggersUnveiled.


He/She is after calling it a day…