Social Media Outrage Log Thread


Pathetic stuff - from the bloggers, the fuckers following them, the person exposing them and the media writing about it all… it’s all very sad really and a storm about absolutely nothing.

Shame on @tazdedub for following this tripe.


LOL Ah it was great stuff. The bloggers losing their reason when getting caught out.

At least there is still fitfamfailures. :grin:


Is this bloggers unveiled the equivalent of the time that @carryharry and @Horsebox Facebook profiles were exposed?


@Horsebox true colours came out then.


Walking around the smoking area of the 51 waiting to glass you if I remember correctly


Yes,that’s why I don’t buy into his harmless simpleton persona now

What’s the thread again


Fuck sake


Ssssshhhhhh! This is clearly a Facehop in a bid to get them all to go public.


Bunch of students in a debating society by the looks of it. “Academics”.


To combat social media addiction, the royal society of something or other are asking people to go cold turkey and not use social media for the month of September…

US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't

Next September?


where have they done this?


On twitter


In the UK - I just saw the snippet on Sky News … volume down.


Volume has been falling consistently month on month since GDPR was introduced on May 25 this year.

Fake news.


There’s an ever increasing amount of men logging absolute horseshit of threads on Twitter outlining how they stood up for women or how some other man acted like a pig and they had to correct them — all the while empathizing with women … it’s fucking pathetic… and they are all complete lies… virtue signaling cunt bags.

Look at this fucking little rat for instance… totally not promoting himself.

Cunt of the Year 2018 is now sorted

It’s their way of climbing the social dominance hierarchy man.

Of course none of it actually happened.


I cant believe I got to 14.


I’m in Brussels at the mo, I think I might hunt the cunt down and beat him to death with a copy of Emma or little women


I levelled a Turk once for passing a lewd comment to Mrs. Kremmen.