Social Media Outrage Log Thread


I think that’s fully acceptable… Mrs Kremmen is a MILF tho so I can understand where Rocko was coming from.


The last thing women need is little pricks like that jumping in taking a slice of their outrage cake.
I love the way he went on to recap everything in case some stupid people or women didn’t follow him the first time.


I can only imagine how dull his short stories are …

It’s unbelievable tho - People are out there making a living or promoting themselves on the back of other people’s misery … if it’s not mental health or obesity it’s some sick cunt ‘fighting’ on behalf of some poor woman who has been raped or assaulted… but they really couldnt give two shiny shits.


Turks are creeps.


You basically just self-doxxed yourself there pal. You’re the only comment on the thread, accusing him of making it up.

Mrs. Mouse is a hell of a woman. Coffee Mouse or whatever her name is.


There’s loads of comments on that thread…


Look at this beauty of a reply …


This is because people are opting out of having their behaviour tracked once they visit the website correct?


That guy Richard Chambers from TV3 was having a moan at some literature list a while ago as well for not having 50/50 genders.

Made sense after I read that he goes out with Louise O’Neill.


It’s all kicking off with Robbie Brennan.

cc @chocolatemice


You could keep that chap biting all day — he’s outraged that some replies were not lefty weepy feminist shit…


I’ve got your back, pal.


@Bandage in over the top there to help his e-buddy :clap::clap::clap:


People seem to have misunderstood your post as sarcasm, because those giving it to Bobby with both barrels are liking it away. :grinning:


Are they still going at it? :smile: a few barbs and they go demented.


You know me, I’ll take the “likes” whichever way they come.


I just saw :rofl:


Oooh What a fucking arsehole. These creeps are everywhere.


Probably more so the massive Cambridge Analytica breach that happened at the same time actually.