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Hello Mac … It’s being shown live on TG4 Youtube channel … or if you can wait, deferred coverage will be on TG4 proper …

I believe forumite @Robert_Emmet recently suggested to TG4 that they should be showing a second live game via web sources — glad to see this has been taken on board

cc @Bandage @TreatyStones


Well done Robert.

This is an idea that was first used 10 years ago when RTE sometimes showed live matches exclusively via the world wide web as they sought to up their game when TV3 first gained rights, but its use by them has declined over the years as they became progressively more lazy about their coverage.

Wexford’s comeback victory over Meath in the 2008 Leinster football championship was one such broadcast.


It’s bizarre that it’s not used more…


Did Timmy the basketball chap do a few hurling games on this platform around this time? I’ve an unreliable memory of him doing some Waterford hurling game.


The 2006 Munster football final replay was also one I believe. I suspect that predates TV3 getting games. I reckon there was someone in there giddy about new technology rather than reacting to an external threat.


He did Donegal v Antrim in the 2009 Ulster football championship anyway, another web only game.

It was a cute move on his part to refer to two basketball teams who I can’t remember the identity of during the 2004 Olympics as “the Tyrone and the Armagh of Olympic basketball” due to their miserly defences, thus positioning himself as a possible future relief GAA commentator.


It’s a Limerick GAA and fitness ridicule thread.


I remember the Limerick v Waterford replay in 2009 was also shown exclusively online. Think Limerick’s qualifier with Laois was also shown online that year as well.


That might be the Timmy Waterford hurling commentary I vaguely recall.


Yeah that basketball lad did the commentary. I was at the drawn Waterford Limerick game in thurles. It was beyond shit, finished something like 1-9 to 12 points. You couldn’t blame RTE for not covering the replay.


He did iirc. It was a Waterford game and after Mullane scored a point he stated that Mullane had “shaked and baked” his marker. Might have been Damien Reale


One of the worst matches I’ve ever been at. Miserable rain, both teams did their best to lose the game but couldn’t quite manage it. David Breen scored a goal iirc.

Mullane gave a masterclass in the replay, he was some player.


Replay was a good game though.


Scottish FA love their “fan engagement” and hashtags on twitter, and always ask fans to use whatever hashtag for whatever game’s on. It’d be #SCOENG for a home match against England or #GERSCO for an away game in Germany, for example. They decided not to use a hashtag for tonight’s friendly in Hungary. :laughing:


It’d be great if they got drawn in a group with both Germany and Hungary. The hashtagged updates from the clash between their two continental rivals would be tremendous.


I have some recollection of a game between Nigeria and Germany. The top left hand corner of the screen read;



That’s what TV3 would put up anyway.


Intresting Twitter thread here, you can see what google knows/stores about you…


The infamous @WhiteMooseCafe has finally shut down their Facebook page. And before the wummers hop on me, I have to monitor Facebook, the reasons for it are none of your business


What’s the reason you monitor Facebook?