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No. The cunts couldn’t keep it pucked out to him.




That’s from 2003 and buried in the post is this

(c ) Kinvara’s Passion – who I hope will post more, after his travels, since he’s always worth reading – thinks I strangely underestimated the Rebel threat. Well, to be honest, I’d write the exact same analysis again if Tardis-ed back before September 14th. If Cork couldn’t beat us on the day we played, as BKN pointed out, as badly as we’ve played in a long while, then it doesn’t seem to me I’ve much to regret. Only two and a half of our forwards played any

Little did he realise that those travels would end up in a hotel in Clondalkin


That’s some blast from the past… There was a few hours reading in that. :joy:

Clarehurlers was great crack around then alright. You spend the days flicking between afr and there and there were no tabs in browsers in those days. Hitting F5 constantly to see if some cunt replied. No likes, no awards… Tough times.


The totally uncontained seethe in the reply was reward enough. Lads nowasdays don’t know they’re born.


AFR forum was tumbleweed central until ch was taken off air


Where became of the poster David Trimble? He used to wind lads up no end.




He inspired a generation of tassottis


Philiip died in a car crash was the last I heard


I gloatingly marched into an INTERNET cafe in Brisbane the day after we beat those Klare cunts above in Ennis in 2003. I can still feel the utter joy of it.

Ollie Fahy came off the bench to score 1-1 and gave a lovely smack to Davy on route to goal. Of course no pub in Brisbane was showing it.


What’s an INTERNET cafe daddy?


I took a two hour bus into Philadelphia at 6am and paid 20 dollars to watch it. Couldn’t wait to get back to the local russian mafia run internet cafe in new Jersey a few days later to rile cunts up on ch and email lads in ireland about it. if someone had said sure you could just watch it on your phone someday :crazy_face:


As a member of the diaspora you’d definitely be hitting the keyboard harder to make your point. A mix of loneliness and hard liqueur I suppose.

Great days.


I think Lauren has been keeping an eye on us.



Hi Lauren


I’d talk hurling to Lauren all day long.


What age was she in 2010, 14/15? I doubt many 15 year old girls were on a bog hockey forum at that age— Or else The likes of @KinvarasPassion were grooming young girls - can you be retrospectively arrested for this?


Says the lad who was helping traveller girls ‘do their homework’


It’s their culture …