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He’s travelled some journey


Step away from the keyboard son, youre sharing a board with some of the architects of the Internet here, we shaped the evolution of it.


Gods among men …


She’s great hands, she’d give you a Littlewood




Off to the snowflake thread with Lauren.


They should stick Lauren on the podcast with Damien and sort it out on air.

Hell has no fury like a woman dealing with an unreliable car.


“I bought a used motor from a rural dealer and he just isn’t treating me like the a-lister that I clearly am”
Next week I’ll be in a glossy and blogging about how I manage to squeeze time in my busy day to act the princess with Al Hayes motors, and then blacken their name when I didn’t get the treatment I deserve, "


I reckon Lauren could be genuine enough in this case


Slagging them off on twitter is a sure fire way to lead to an improvement in the situation…


Al should take her to the cleaners for this.


They wont be going in the car he sold her! :grinning:


Shur she probably never checked the tyre pressure since she got it.


What tf do you expect buying a used motor from North County galway? Look at poor oul Fagan, couldn’t give the car away. He didn’t twitter about it.


I’d imagine most of Al’s customer base wouldn’t be on twitter either. In fact they are probably having a good laugh at Lauren down the mart.


Al must be seething Cannot order a new VW til January 2019.


Her convertible beetle is playing havoc with her hair. She’s right to complain


Just leaving this here


What’s that shite she’s listening to?