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Lauren is obviously MGG


Coronas? Post rock ? Alt rock? Math rock? No. GAA rock.


I wonder how many tweets he had to scroll through to get to June 27th.


Not many for that fella – he has thousands of women’s tweets bookmarked and filed away.




We’ve all been there Lauren lol


This is an example of what Noel was complaining to the Leader about.


She’s a lovely mouth organ player


Careful, neither you, nor Princesses timeline ist anything to boast about either.


Isn’t she going out with one of the west Limerick lads?


I thought she was Brendan Mahers girlfriend. Maybe I’m confused.


You are, Brendan is hurling senior in fairness to him.


Whichever one of you is behind the Twitter page @stateoflinkedin page, take a bow.


Think the crowd behind are on this one too



Who’s this hero mate? Just a random back slapping knob on linkedin?


Result’s. Assignment’s. An cold.

The fucker needs to learn some grammar. Ffs sake.


Some randomer. A friend liked the post and it appeared on my feed :roll_eyes:


what a donkey.


You have some strange friends.