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One could argue they could say the same about me :grinning:




Apparently Facebook and instagram are both having trouble tonight. I wonder are they being hacked :thinking: Seems a bit of coincidence



Data center outage. Someone pulled a power cable to a leaf switch


That’s what they want you to think kid. The Russians are already emptying your bank account


@TreatyStones was meant to apply a critical patch tonight but he is out ating BBQ duck and putting away porter instead.


More likely he logged on after a fateful combination of duck and porter


@TreatyStones is up in Dublin fixing it.


Tough shit, he just needs to quack on with it now.


One leaf switch would have no effect on a data centre.


He was supposed to be home yesterday but he plugged out the servers up in Dublin so he could stay up for the celebrations


I’m a software guy.


Saw this doing the rounds. I expect Emma Louise and the Brazilian correspondent to share it later

Twitter Thread Special Edition - Emma Higgins’ Twitter Feed
Twitter Thread Special Edition - Emma Higgins’ Twitter Feed

Congratulations to everyone that’s read a book on internet marketing and is posting articles and videos on LinkedIn to establish themselves as experts in their field.

It’s really is such a pile of bollox. But it seems to work.


I wonder does Emma Louise like Mr Burr.



When you see cunts like that you can kind of understand how yanks go into their workplace with a loaded assault rifle and let fly.


State of LinkedIn is the best thing on Twitter


State of Tinder is run by the same crowd. As is , DHOTA (Didn’t Happen of The Year Awards)