Twitter Thread Special Edition - Emma Higgins’ Twitter Feed


Yeah alright Emma, you’ve all the signs you were eating salad all summer. :roll_eyes:

This has thrown me, would of preferred if she hated us.
Starting to think Emma is alright now.


Don’t worry mate, she’s just a bandwaggoning causist. She’d be praising gallaimh if they won


Your suspicions are confirmed.




I predict Emma will back Colin to the hilt and this will all be sweep sweeped.

The latest one going around Irish Twitter for a few days now is the campaign to let the Pride march go down O’Connell Street again. The Pope was allowed go down O’Connell Street (apparently) but the gays aren’t allowed down it any more and that’s an outrage. Anyone with sound politics would be furious. Join the cause. We believe in Leo to back us. Start by signing the online petition.

Also this. I don’t think Emma is quite our kind of people:



What does that #keepthepoet thing mean?




Tough times for Panti Bliss if that’s the extent of the struggle these days. Imagine wanting to march down that shithole.


Didn’t Willie Frazer and his mob try to pass down that passage .


Yeah, just to wind up the pretend IRA.


Update: Emma has a hairy Bush.


Whenever women used to ask me if I wanted them to shave their pubes for me I would just tell them That I wasn’t a paedophile. But lately I’ve decided that you don’t want to stick your face into an aul scraggly bush that gets caught in your teeth. I also think it’s better for the women if a man has a clear view of what he’s doing down there.

My gf has now told me in the past few weeks that she’s going for laser hair removal down there so she’ll never even have to shave it again.


She is sound


You’d love Emer O’Toole, mate. Non-shaving Galway woman who writes for The Guardian.


I am trying to decide on the most glaring tautology here and am flummoxed .


Does this mean that you’re now a paedophile?


Afraid not mate. Bandwagoner.

Wonder could Emma name 5 players off each ‘top class squads’ ?


A prominent Limerick poster is following Emma on Twitter


Half the Munster rugby crowd who attended the final are in the same boat.