Sorry, but you have been banned from this forum

Message just received from PV :lol:

You were doing some wumming in fairness. Good craic though…

What did you do Laz? :smiley:

Did you refuse to submit your credit card details to the “Duignan must die” fund?

By commentating on the game objectively(he might like kk a small bit) yesterday Duignan has become a hate figure in Chipp - he wont be strayin from Banagher to the 24hr Mickey D’s in Roscrea for a while I’d say!

those arseholes on PV can’t take their medicine at all, Is that bog warrior Corrigan/winter green still the top cheese over there?

Banned as well. Was coming a while. 4 visits in 6 years not much positivity.

Duiganan was cat yesterday though. Some pain in the hole

Ah fookall really Dunph. Resurrected an old thread about unrest in the camp and called one or two of them up on their delusionism. Nothing too ratty anyway. Their a weak willed bunch over there, they love trying to give it setting up demeaning and hateful threads about other counties but give a little back and they can’t handle it at all.
That’s AFR,KK Cats and PV that have banned me now.
TFK for life :pint:

Banned as well :lol:

Quite harsh I feel.

Mattie cunt!!!

FFS I haven’t been banned yet, load of bollocks.

Were you banned, Locke?

We love ya Laz.

Has anyone been able to cut and paste any of the PV hilarity?

Excellent work - KK Cats should be back in a few weeks so you might re-join.

Couldn’t tell you who the mods are, Puke would probably know.
At least I got to see the fucks go into outright meltdown, Kilkenny deserve extra credits for that

I think I need to present the case against Richie Hogan to kkcats crew when they’re back in business.

Noddy’s a mod. He’ll get us back in.

:lol: :pint:

Yip, a right dose. Same auld inane sneery comments out of him the whole time. Matties, Savages etc.He seems to think it is hilarious though

Naw, being from a couple of miles from Tipp I understand them…

Im surprised you lasted so long Laz. Its been a very entertaining day and a half over there.
Well done to all involved.