South Circular Road Gazette

It’s the south circular, I’m sure a whip around for a escalator from car park can be accommodated. Or a bus that loops SC all day long.

Some sort of valet service. You could be onto something

I’ve been thinking that way for years. More speed bumps needed to slow cars. Is there a purposed cycle lane with it? Will residents still be able to park

Double bike lane. Parking will be gone. At the choke points anyway at least. Might get away with leaving the parking in some spots where it’s wider

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The people that I’d know on the main road (I’d know a lot in LNG) would be the main movers and shakers behind this, doesn’t bother me, all the houses on the Ballinwcurra side have parking behind, the other side wouldn’t, you have to allow somebody a place to park their car(s)
I don’t have a strong opinion on it, a decent section of barriered bike lane on tje main road would be sufficient you’d think

Will residents be able to use a public space to park their private cars?

The way it’s done on the busy toads in Dublin such as griffith avenue is to have the parking on the outside of the vru lane

Not really as @Julio_Geordio said there’s a few choke points where only one car can pass at the moment and its 2 way. No public parking but these cars will have to be moved in order for a bike lane. The road is a lot quite than the alternative and would be ideal for an active travel route between the city and crescent shopping centre. The difficulty would dealing with these residents. I assume they will all object, but you know my feelings on NIMBYism and its applies to this purposal.

Bike lane and 1 way system is the best solution

That’s a bit of a leap.

We have to stop our reliance on cars

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This is a slam dunk. In a city.

What’s going on here lads? Why is this lady always a victim?

Surprising to see john Kiely in the replies there

He stands with Elisa. Fair play.

He’s a good lad

Elisa seems to be locked in a constant battle with Limericks Gemma O’Doherty types.

Not surprising to see a few ‘do their own resurch’ types there too

Any sign of the leaflet?

Did it suggest she knows when to use an apostrophe?

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This is not a SCR issue.

Why don’t you tag her on social media or reply to her post if you want answers @Thomas_Brady

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I’m blocked. Typical lefty behaviour

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