Spicy food

A load of fucking shite.

What is there to be gained from having your mouth burned off you with seriously spicy food? There’s no additional wonderful taste - just a heap of discomfort and a need to go for a piss following the deluge of water you take to quell the ‘sensation’.


There is a delightful balance.

What did you have to cause you such discomfort?

Many of the ingredients of spicy foods are good for you

He probably had a bit of pepper on his spuds and blew the mouth of himself. Fucking roasters :slight_smile:


You fucking roaster :slight_smile:


Out of interest…what would you deem seriously spicy?

Probably a stew or cabbage and bacon.

He probably had some pepper sauce with an incinerated steak.


Roaster of the year is @farmerinthecity’s now. Probably shat through the eye of a needle after having a korma.



Pot noodle, so it was :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I doubt it was that exotic…jar of uncle Benz or he went for a 3 in 1 down the local chinky.

More than likely a sachet of McDonnell’s over a bag of chips.

I loves the auld spice I does… Can’t get enough of it, so I can’t.

Nothing better than a nice bowl of Tom Yum. :smiley:


Can someone change the title of this thread to “I’m a awful fucking Oiiiirsh Roaster”

Jesus wept.



What is si great about food that burns the mouth off you?

You can’t even taste the core food that you are eating.

It seems to me like Irish fans of spicy food are like Irish fans of New Order. Think it makes them shrug off some sort inferiority complex they have about being uncultured when all it does it further enhance the inferiority complex.

Ha! Would you look at himself piping up.

You come across as smart and cultured in all your posts I must say.

And it’s bacon and cabbage!!

Different people have different levels of sensitivity. You can’t handle heat obviously, you pansy.

Also, taste receptors are different to the ones that feel heat from spicy food. There is no reason you can’t still taste the flavour of the food as well as the heat, so you’re wrong there.

Eating spicy food is a lot like drinking Guinness. It can be an acquired taste and you need to build up a tolerance for.

You will also spend the next day farting like mad and a shit falling out of you.

Spicy food is unreal, unbelievable