Sports Grants


see; you had your eye on the money all along.
Your fake "what has clay to do with sport" has been outed.

C'mere you going on Sunday?


Yeah I know what you're saying and I also take Rock's point on it but there was a stage where journalists were using the whole 'Mark Lawrenson we' issue too much. Right we know he is a whore but let it go already.

The worst whoring I ever heard in this regard was Ronnie Whelan (born and bred in Dublin) being interviewed on LFC TV once. It was a phone in show and he was asked what his favourite and least favourite subject in school was. He said his favourite was Maths or something and his least favourite was 'Gaelic as we had to do Gaelic in Ireland'.

What t'fuck is Gaelic? Who ever calls it that apart from Brits?


I won't go but I'll be putting my cash on Cork. Unfortunately that should ensure a Kerry victory.... Are you going?


If I can round up wing man; yeah.

I found my lucky bin liner over the weekend so I'm comfortably cautious.


Ooooh sarcasm. Obviously there's not demand for cricket in every town and village in Ireland. Much like there's no need to set up a hospital in every little shithole in the land either for example but the game's growing around the country as evidenced by the likes of Laois getting to the Leinster Seconds Senior Cup Final. If there's a decent club with good facilities in most counties then that's going to help the game develop here. That's the point - the grants should be used to grow these sports. Maybe then in a few years you might see more cricket in the other places you mention. Seriously, 450k won't buy you many rollers for wickets or covers for wickets and won't allow for many clubhouses to be renovated or built.


Crickets always been relatively strong in Portlaoise, a hangover from the ol plantations....


Very strong in Fingal too and nothing to do with plantations.


Fingal is inside the ol Pale all the same.


Pimms in the Swords Pavillion

Yup; rings a bell alright


Too much is made of that whole Pale thing. Sure we were all ruled by the Brits at one stage or other.


Yea but they centralised themselves inside the pale generally, apart from the estates of course which they visitted periodically.


Cricket was the most popular game in Ireland in the 1800's - the ban on foreign sports meant that it lost its popularity in Ireland but it has always remained hugely popular in North county Dublin- for some reason people associate cricket with being west brit while rugby as not when in fact its clearly the other way around- cricket like soccer is the common mans game in much of england while rugby has always been of the ascendancy class in England


North County Dublin's proximity to Meath explains that.




Heard a drunk bum on a train abusing a Meath man bitterly about being from the Royal county (the Meath man provoked his ire by disagreeing with his rather Dickensian views of immigrants). He must have said "The royal county hah" sardonically about 200 times in the course of the trip. I'm not sure what exactly he had against Conbhur Mac Nessa and the boys of Tara, but he did all the same.


yeah , strange one - from the outside looking in the Rebel County & the Royal County would suggest that Cork had a name in relation to irish nationalism & meath had a name in relation to the British monarchy when its more like the other way around


shocking to see some facist club in carlow gets more than Irish hero Egan


Thats a bit tough on Tullow rugby club


im talking about all the GGA hamlets in carlow


Superb to see Faythe Harriers get their full 100k.