Sports Grants


on the subject of facists i was just looking at the shamrock rovers ultras web page. some cracking pictures there.

I think this was my favorite


i dont think anyone has a gripe with that


fascists??? you talking about the racist abuse in carlow GGA or the fact that protestants have been chased out of fermanagh GGA


so you decry racism and the paying of grants to sports that have a racist membership

now look me in the eyes and tell me that rutherford never got racist abuse from rovers fans


Sure Rovers fans are the salt of the earth...


he has never got racist abuse from LOI fans - I think Sledge can back that up


what exact picture have you an issue with


i have a shedload of shels fans that would disagree with you


a few teenagers throwing kegs- wow

Clare GGA fans attacked the umpire & police- way way worse
Ireland go to australia to play GAA & they racially abuse the indigenous aussies - shame on them


do you?

first I heard of this , dont think this has ever happened - odd isnt it - jayo never gets racially abused by LOI fans yet he is fair game in the GGA


I'm off to croker now, north county you should get some councilling, that kind of bitterness would consume a man



racism is wrong in all shapes and forms and if you think some of those boyos who abuse jayo don't go to LOI matches then you are sadly mistaken

any knacker who throws racist abuseat a player should be ejected and banned from all stadia in the country, no matter what sport it is


Here stop being an arsehole with the pathetic point scoring exercise. For a man who claims to condemn racism you're fierce quick to use it as a tool in your wind-up efforts.

Anyway I've personally seen Sherlock get tons of racist abuse from Rovers fans in a match at UCD, posted about it here before. I've heard of similar stuff at Dublin games but never seen it but what I heard the Rovers fans shouting at him in Belfield was disgraceful. And I've seen them "dish it out" to Eastern Europeans as well. It's all imitating the English terrace culture and it would all be pathetic if it wasn't so worrying.


seriously lads am i the only one on here that can see that ncc is a wum and a spoofer....all he wants is a reaction out of the gaa lads on here....stop taking the bate for fuck sake.....


No shite?

But it never hurts to have a bit of banter.


It's a sad state of affairs when you strive to be an imitation of the lowest form of English society.

I've been to plenty of Eircom league games and of course there are plenty of genuine fans there but there are also plenty who think chanting "who are ya?" in their best cockney accents is the height of wit.


Im far from a WUM on this issue, that the GAA get way too much grants compared to other sports puke


This post is pathetic and a shameful attempt to sling mud at the GAA.


its true though


Ah of course it is, because you dont have any sort of agendas here do you.