Sports Grants


i personally don't think that they get enough...when you consider that there is a club in pretty much every parishin this country....also the fai must be credited for the money they have pumped back into grassroots/junior soccer in this country....over the past 2 years 6 clare junior teams have all moved to state of the art(well for junior standard) facilities.....i am also a member of my local badminton club and they have no problem with the ample funding they receive....


i suppose you canyt blame the GAA for applying for the grants - sure why wouldnt they

#83 own soccer club at home are mad to set up/upgrade facilities but they haven't a hope of getting any funding as they don't own the land which they play on and the owner won't sell it to them....


I think its also worth remembering that the GAA got nothing until 1984 when the Centenary Celebrations allowed clubs (many senior btw) finally get proper facilities (ie showers) thru' a capital grant endowment. So that was 100 years of the GAA doing their thing at community & grass roots level without a pingin.

Its also worth remembering the contribution GAA activities make to the Exchequer. VAT & other Duties on Drink, Publishing, transportation; again over 120 yrs worth. And more recently PRSI contributions; PSWI & RCT collections.

Show some respect NC Crank. It has been earned whether you like it or not.


Great to see the noble sport of hockey get a few bob. Hopefully this can help our national teams kick on.


I thought the sports capital program grants were announced months ago?


Isnt Wesley a private school that charges 9/10k a year?? … what the fuck are those cunts being awarded tax payers money for?


Plus they rent out the pitches and have a further revenue stream from that.

I don’t mind somewhere like Malahide Yacht Club getting a few Euro to keep the water temperature up but this is ridiculous shit.


Both schools are private and are in Ross’s constituency.

You couldn’t make the shit up.


It was hilarious to see Wesley alum and FG councillor Neale Richmond try to defend this on social media.


I wouldn’t have as big an issue with Beaufort. Loreto schools all are very low fees, though I don’t actually know how they sustain that. In principle though I disagree with it as it all just damages private schools. What money private schools get is very much at the whim of the power brokers at the time and how much they want to pork barrel. There’s some who have done very well out of government money and others who have gotten very little.


Ross is just doing what most other politicians do to be fair. He is always going to be more pronounced as he is an Independent though and the fact that he is a bellend.

He spent years pontificating in the Sindo and has behaved like the Healy Rae’s in government. All the while he has a very prominent cabinet role which from what I’ve heard he is only marginally interested in.


The grant to Wesley College should be welcomed . This should be seen by republicans as evidence of the state’s commitment to ensuring that the republic is not a “cold house “ for Protestants .




The GGA agribigots on here hate seeing another sport get a cent.


Yeah to be fair that is an issue. Many of the facilities are locked into Protestant schools. To be upgraded you have to upgrade the school.


Paul Kehoe delivered a grant of €60k odd for Enniscorthy Golf Club to fix 4 bunkers. :laughing: