Examples of Sportswashing

  • Man City
  • MTK Global
  • Paris St Germain

In horse racing you have the involvement of Godolphin but I’m not sure if it falls under sportswashing as they have been involved in horse racing for a very long time and it’s more a show of wealth and power. They have been shown to be untouchable in the sport.

JP McManus and Limerick Gaa



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Godolphin in horse racing.

Did you get word in time to get on?

Where? I searched for the term.

Just saw Tyson fury endorsing Daniel kinehan and congratulating him for sorting the Joshua and fury fights.

Wft is going on when a sociopath scumbag drug dealer can now become a fully fledged boxing promoter ( not gym owner).

What? As opposed to usual string of fraudsters and murderers?

I’m sure this will be the straw that breaks the camels back for the little runt

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Bullet points please

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Not sportwashing.

Business washing or just plain old money laundering.

Myself and the carkie are discussing sportwashing and green washing in general. We were saved today from Abu Dhabi by Ronaldo joining untied. But the question is, is Mike Ashley sportwashing? Limerick saved us but there was some poor norries still wearing cork jerseys in sports direct Blackpool the other day while I bought a new belt and philly eagals hat. Surely against human rights to make them endure that torture.

Doha replaces the basket case state. Last 3 races in middle east on top of Bahrain at the start.

The biggest travesty is that the track is made for Moto GP bikes, another dogshit track for racing

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