Spotify and other music streaming services

Jaysus this thing is the cats pyjamas. Ok AC/DC, Metallica and Rammstein are still in dispute with it, but it has almost everything else you could imagine for a tenner a month.

I heard Donal Dineen play a Charles Mingus song called Big Alice on his radio show maybe a decade ago. I was really taken by it but despite searching record shops high up and low down and then iTunes and YouTube I never heard tell of it again. I was beginning to think I must have been mistaken. Anyway there I was on Spotify in the bed on Sunday morning just after listening to the Westside Story soundtrack and I typed in Big Alice and sure enough there it was and it was as good a song as I remembered it all those years ago.

Curiously it doesn’t have one of my favourite George Clinton songs, Follow the Leader which is on the copy I have of Dope Dogs, but this is Because this track is only on a very few versions of that album, and they don’t seem to have his 1993 album Hey man smell my finger, which I very much like, but which seems to have disappeared without trace… There might be a contractual issue about that one.


There are a few artists where the full back catalogue is missing, Bruce, The Beatles and Oasis.

Have you gone for the premium option for mobile?

I have.

But why would I pay a tenner a month for something I can get for free?

I don’t know Sidney, why would you?

I don’t know Sidney, why would you?

I have been using Deezer, which is kinda the same thing I think… They give you a 2 week trial as opposed to Spotifys 3 days.

Spotify is not available in Poland. I tried it get into it from the UK or Ireland using my Overplay proxy but I still got bounced out. Must take another look at it.

sound like a brand of sheep dip

Balbec, How do you find Overplay? I signed up to it during the summer to watch some of the GAA games and it’s also handy for Rabodirect games. However, I find that it can very patchy and slow leading to a bumpy stream of games. To be honest, this has happened so often that I was thinking of cancelling the subscription.

Did it myself also. Nice having it on the phone and not jumping from mediocre radio station to mediocre radio station.

The RTE stream for games can be shite but BBC etc are grand.

I got it working Fagan. The absolute dogs bollocks. Don’t mind paying a few quid for this.

Please answer the question, Sidney!


I informed the forum about how great this was and I even alerted the forum to its release in Ireland, nobody seemed to care at the time.

Let Fagan have his moment please. You’re a well groomed professional with a mediterranesn complexion, that should be enough for you.

Thanks pal, that was a very nice thing to say.

Just telling it as it is.

I think you’ll find I asked the question.