St Johnstone v Celtic ☘

This game is free to air on Sky Showcase so it’s mandatory viewing for ALL TFK members. 1230pm kickoff.

Lots of rumours about a Covid outbreak and Barkas starting but I’m choosing to assume they’re untrue.

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Barkas does start. Bench wouldn’t look out of place at a junior soccer game. Kyogo up front however​:clap::clap:

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Seems to be 4 keepers out. And presumably McGregor too.

Thats a lot better than I had feared, well minus Barkas of course

Three points is the priority today. With Barkas in goals Celtic will probably need to score at least twice. Get the reinforcements in over the break and give the second half of the season a right lash. If Ange has any contacts in the City Group then a few loans to complement the permanent signings would be very welcome.

St Johnstone are dogshit bad . 7 straight defeats . Celtic by a cricket score

Good few Bhoys on the hill behind the goal.

3-5-2 or will Ange persist with square holes and round pegs.

I’d imagine it has to be a Covid outbreak if all those players have fallen that weren’t injured before.

It’s a 3-5-2. Surprised we changed.

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Great tackle by McCarthy to start that. Smashing cross by Juranovic. That was a great save but Abada did really well to beat the two centre backs to force it home.

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Oh fuck. Kyogo has done his hamstring I think. Fucking hell

I hope the prospective transfers are well down the line.

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Young Joey Dawson gets the nod for his debut.

Looks a decent size physically.

Abada much more comfortable through the middle. He’s too wee and not explosive or tricky enough to succeed as a wide man.

Great finish Abada.


Abada is having a fine game. Linking really well with Bitton and Rogic in particular and his touch has been excellent. We’ve played very well so far.

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