Starting a Gaa club



Or anyone else.


What would be the big stumbling blocks to setting up a GAA Club in a town already with one club.
What is needed in any way to build one?


Have ye facilities?


If it’s in Dublin?

Lack of interest


Not of our own.

But schools may help.


There needs to be awkward bolox like you in every club so that’s one box ticked.

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Are you talking ground-up starting with juveniles or vice-versa?


Money will be one. I’m not sure on exact figures but there was a club set up over here a few years ago and they mentioned around 10k needed to set things up. @flattythehurdler or @Big_Ducky_Moloney might know costs a bit better.

Get schools on board.
Are there any other clubs in the town? If so, they’ll no doubt try block it so I’d imagine get support at board level.

Maybe get it contact with Sheffield GAA through Facebook. They’ve recently set up so they might good to get ideas off.


Yes. Ground up

  1. Get a group of 5 or 6 several like minded individuals and start on a plan and divvy up tasks
  2. Local council/authority. Check census (population/demographic) v playing numbers in existing clubs. Identify where all gaa council playing pitches, who’s assigned to them and are they being used. Check if their is land lying idle (green area beside new estate) that a builder may be interested in being used by community in the short term
    3 Get county board onside explaining rationale why you need extra club. Ask to meet select few not affiliated with existing clubs
    4 Check schools - whether they have GAA teams and if GPO visits. See if you can find out level of school v club participation. Request use of halls, school pitches, meeting rooms
    5 Knock on doors - print up a brief summary on a flyer of what club would entail, types of teams, boys/girls, hurling/football and highlight the current gap. Call back on doors you missed and then do second round in 6 months. This is where you need help and it is tough work but is hugely effective if the want is there.
    6 Get onto your local TDs, councillors etc explaining benefits of sport etc and why you feel club is needed
    7 Get onto big local businesses etc and let them know of plans, push for sponsorship


Traditional area or mixed-urban, new-Irish etc? I’m guessing the latter. Are you getting hands-on yourself?


This is an idea. Yes i would get hands on. Lots of cery good people being pushed away from main club.

Lots of really pissed off people with town only club. Losing players hand over fist. Parents bringing them back to home clubs etc.

Population of 20k+. Onky 1 team. Totally under performing.


Lots of new irish. Piles of them. Lots still involved in home clubs




For a new club to succeed it needs a proper falling out within the existing club.

Arles in Laois being a prime example


Have ye someone to fix the club lotto?






I’ll give ye a dig out with the coaching kev. Did I tell you before that I coach a few teams ?



You need a couple of good S&C coaches, the rest is a piece of piss