Starting a Gaa club


Actually LOL at that​:joy::joy::joy:


Good luck kev, that’s a massive undertaking.


You know a lot about the Arles story?


Mugabe is available


This is a differenet demographic. But ironically i think sometimes success can lead to fall out.

Jealousy in dual clubs is a major issue


Also kev. If ye are going to give a written submission to the co board, just let someone else do it. Anyone, someone. But not you.


Era its an idea for now.

The process is some people will make a play to improve things from within and create a new culture.

If that fails then this will be looked at.


Don’t go down the race night route as a mode of fundraising, there was a bit of controversy at the Drom race night a few years ago…


You are just the sort of chap to make a go of this Kev. Pm me if you need any help with the admin side.


May well take you up on that at some point.

The major advantage it may have is a huge amount of well educated and business type lads are the ones pissed off.

Were it to start it would be really well run i’d suggest.


Give us another run down so for the craic


I’d know a few involved with The Banner in Ennis, would have set up in the shadow of Eire Og, the traditional “townie” club. Lots of blow-in and immigrant families etc. Might have beneficial experience to share if you need it.


Now thats exactly what i am thinking of.
@Spidey gave great info above (thanks, will read thru gully later) as i know he is close to a club that started from nowt.

I won’t waste your time now, but were things not to progress as people want i’ll get back to ya.


Id be very interested to know what was the last brand new club to start in co cork. Can’t imagine one would get much support from the co board

A serious undertaking. Good luck


I’d say it’s probably Dripsey


Good shout. What a story that turned out to be


Good luck @caoimhaoin.New blood should always be welcomed.


One of the issues dripsey ran into i think was they couldnt play any young lads who had played for another club without sitting out the 2 years…was court over it


Has to be Mallow.


It’s not a direct comparison now, they’re thirty years old this year but they’ve played our crowd in a couple of Feile A finals the last few years with both of those demographics involved. They’d be fairly forward in terms of adapting to the new realities.