Starting a Gaa club


Mallow club is thriving id say


Colours for the club, navy with a green hoop. White togs, navy socks with green turn overs.


They are seriously struggling now.

Last years Minor & u21 teams was them Glean Na Laoi and Donoghmore put together.

Donoghmore needing it is mental.

Inniscarra ruined Donoghmore from 16-21. Lots of players gone


So-So. Too big as well. Lots of politics i believe.

They lose untold numbers after u16. Worst club i know of for that


If Cork county board are anything like other county boards your biggest issue will actually be getting them to allow you to set up a club. They aren’t too keen on letting clubs in who’ll fold again rapid. Also think it’s €5k to croke park at the start of every year before you turn on a light. Get in with a school that has a GAA pitch and see will they let ye use it for club games.


Getting in membership can be tough.


Ya. My dad did it for years.12 i think.

Brutal job.


Ya. Fundraising would have to be the priority along with recruitment and coaches.

School pitch is actually there. Teacher involved. Good coach himself who sees the shit


€5k wouldn’t cover it tbh.

Between Juvenile & Adult affiliations to Croke Park, payments to divisional board, Insurance etc I’d say an initial start up could rise well over €10k.

Add in start up Rent of a Field, buying Gear and Jerseies etc. It’s a fucking mammoth job starting up.
Whatever about a group of like minded people pushing to start this up, if ye don’t have a sizable community backing then it’s gonna be a misery keeping it running.


Ya thats it.

Thing is, i think there is.

60 kids at u7 in present club.

Thats just foolish


Would there be anything for going as a one sport club lads in a kinda opposition (non comfrontal now) to the major sport in present club. One sport significantly stronger


You’d have a better chance of getting it off the ground. Two clubs with distinct identities. Your strong sport would need to fold in that club. Good few examples of lads in Dublin playing football in one club and hurling with another if no hurling in original club.


I think you’d be mental to try starting off with two. I also think you should either start with a couple of underage teams or just an adult team and build on over time. Don’t try to do too much first day or ye’ll end up doing nothing


This makes most sense tbh, means kids have a choice as opposed to joining clubs that their friends are not involved in for example.



A new club should be formed as an Underage entity. If ye start properly the Adult teams will follow on in 10 Years and the foundations to expand will be firmly set.


Thats a good point.

It may actually entice a few of the die hards in smaller sport to jump ship


Again agree. Forget adult. Way too much hassle. Start with kids and have a laugh. Build a modern club with no baggage


Believe me when I say, asking for Money / Sponsorship for Juvenile teams is far easier than for Adult teams.

A properly run Juvenile club will naturally run into Adult teams so get the basics right and the future will look after itself.


See does Frank need work done on the house or anything. Get him onside and it’ll be plain sailing.

Also if you add the suffix GGA club to the name we’ll crowdfund the shit out of it


Hi Kev

Is there a Ladies GAA club in this town?
If not that might be a pathway. I’d start there.

Build a base and then in a few years apply for membership to the GAA for a boys team.There will be massive opposition as you are potentially taking membership, sponsors etc from the existing club. You will find a massive take up with the girls and usually the number of clubs is small so you could get a massive catchment.