Starting a Gaa club


Durlas Og was set up in the 70s/80s at a stage when Thurles club scene had gone into decline.

It was set up as an underage club only, players then had choice to move to any of the clubs in the town. In theory, it should have led to at least 2 strong clubs in the town but it has ended up being basically a SARS academy.

Im not from Thurles, but if there was a properly enforced boundary such as the one in Dungarvan/Abbeyside it may have made a second club more viable.


It comes down to one thing.

Strong characters.

They don’t exist at the top so you need them at the bottom (in this case the smaller club)


You can marry your cousin even if they are from a different parish.


Thurles Gaels are happy with their lot tbh, wouldn’t be a very driven bunch.


Ya and not alot wrong with that as long as they are providing for the people involved and everyone is of a similar mind


You’d imagine that if gaels could somehow get out of junior A , the prospect of them playing inter could drive them forward.

Pity there is no drive there you say