Stewards Enquiry - Idiot of the Month September

Following Pat Fitzs’ dramatic and noteworthy appearance on national tv last night during the GAA Championship draws for 2009, Is there a case to be made for a stewards enquiry into Puke’s winning of Idiot of the month September?

Bandage would obviously stand to inherit the title.

i was diapappointed when i logged on here last night to see that runt was the only one that made reference to this…the rest just sweeping it under the rug…

I missed the draws, are we correct in saying Fat Pitz was on the TV speaking to Marty Morrissey? Anyone speaking to Marty on the National airwaves must be acknowledged as a celebrity of sorts surely?

I’m lost, which Pat Fitz is this and what has it to do with The Puke?

pat fitz along with sean fogarty were incharge of the draw for the munster hurling and football…they did it like pros…great bit of banter between the two…pats charisma was evident for all to see…

Not only that but he also gave Limerick the perfect draw in the football. A true legend.

It’s rumoured around Limerick this morning that the FA have been in touch with him regarding his availability for this years FA Cup draws.

Have you really missed all that??

It’s Doon man Pat Fitz (not Davy’s father). Puke listed him as a “spot” in the celebrity spotting thread. This in turn led to quite a nasty tete-a-tete between The Puke and numerous other posters in relation to Pat Fitz status as a “celebrity”.

Puke has asked Bandage for the definition of a celebrity on daily basis for the past month. He is yet to recieve a satisfactory answer.

The local bingo lady does some sterling work down at the parish hall every tuesday night.

I wouldn’t consider her to be a celebrity though

I still don’t know who Pat Fitz is either

I missed all that. Fat Pitz, this is the guy who called South Limerick Referee a failed junior hurler at a county board meeting one night. I think for that alone the man is a celebrity… (sorry SLR!)

If seeing Bono at a U2 concert is invalid then spotting a GAA suit doing a GAA draw certainly is too. The whole point of the thread is to spot celebs outside their natural environment, e.g. the classic Desailly spot in an Austrian strip club during Euro 2008. I can’t believe Puke has muddied the waters so much but shame on tipptops* for ignoring everything he learned in his TFK funded ‘Celeb Spots For Beginners’ class.

nobody is calling it a spot but with his bit of exposure on the tv last night pat surely has to be classed as a celebrity now…and his comments about SLR makes him even more of a legend…

Tipptops & Puke pushing for the October award

Puke doesn’t understand the concept of the celebrity spotting thread.

in fairness, pukes handling of the whole situation is what made him IOTM, not whether or not Pat Fitz is a celeb. there’s ways of debating who is a celeb or not, hijacking every thread and sulking is not the best way, unless you want to win IOTM, which is what happened.

Plus, there was a lot of other reasons why he had such a good campaign for September aside from the celeb incident. A good candidate will not just rely on one campaign proposal, he must have many ways of reaching the public and showing his true worth so as to ensure getting the vote.

Idiot. The draw was proposed as evidence of his celebrity status - not as the location of the spot.

I am not even bothered to vote ‘couldn’t give a shit’ on this.

i already told him this but he then has the gall to say that “Puke doesn’t understand the concept of the celebrity spotting thread.”…tut tut tut…i could find it hard to hold onto my title this month…

bandage you idiot

whilst pukey’s idiocy is undeniable, bandage continuing giving of oxygen to it should surely be more worthy of IOTM ?

Puke doesn’t understand the concept of the celebrity spotting thread.

I do indeed bandage…but i think that me and you have vastly differnet definitions of what a celebrity is…In fact I would go as far as to say that you can’t define what a celebrity is:p…