Super Blues 2017


Down to ten men already, Brendan Clarke sent off for a straight red. Deliberate hand ball outside the box. Brainless. Had started well enough up to that.

Lee Jay Lynch sacrificed as Freddie Hall gets summoned from exile to take his place in between the sticks.


We’ve gone behind now.



Authors of our own downfall. Paul O’Conor - bizarrely playing playing centre half while Dave O’Connor watches from the bench - gives away a penalty with the dumbest challenge you’ll ever see. Idiotic.

Game over now.




A hammering in progress.


Boland out!!




Crazy team selection.

Neil McDonald hasn’t a breeze E-I-E-I-O…


I’d just paid in and we get a man sent off. Ffs

Didn’t see the 2nd goal. Getting myself a cuppa.

Great idea to pick the Cork and dundalk games to travel to :neutral_face:

I might stay clear of Thurles


All this talk of Europe is pie in the sky stuff. We’re miles off the likes of Cork, Dundalk, Rovers and probably the likes of Derry and Bray.

We’re in a relegation battle.

Game was even steven tonight up to the sending off but there was no way back from that on. Gifted them a man advantage and the penalty that put them one up. Game over.

Crazy team selection, whoever picked the team. Neymar thrown in out of position for his debut at right back. A midfielder playing centre half inside him while a specialist centre back - who has impressed when given a chance this season - remained on the bench for the duration.

Dundalk didn’t even need to be that good. Mind you but for Freddie it could have been even more of a hiding. Ogbene was our only threat - apart from him we had nothing.

Bohs away on Tuesday and Harps away next Friday. Two absolute six pointers.

@chops91 please reassure me we won’t be relegated. :disappointed_relieved:


Ah we won’t be relegated. We are better than harps, drogheda, galway and hopefully on Tuesday Bohs. Crazy team selection. Starting a centre half right full when kainz was on the bench. Starting a centre mid, centre half when there was 2 centre halfs on the bench. Red card didn’t help but thought freddy did very well when he came on. Hopefully him being dropped gave him the kick up the hole he needs. Taking off Lee j was a complete farce. The 2 players we need on the pitch is Lee j and Robbie. Send hery back to France we can surely find someone better than him. Look we have a squad at the moment that will finish above relegation but hopefully we can strengthen in July and all will be good again


I don’t think there’s a huge cause for panic, the league is poor enough at the moment and besides Cork & Dundalk, we’re not miles off anyway.

Today was a lost cause once the red card happened, which was so stupid. There was no need for Clarke to head the ball straight to the Dundalk player in the first place. If he puts his boot on that, the ball goes out of play and we don’t have to play with 10 players. Taking off Lynch for Hall was madness too, every time Lynch goes off, we collapse, it’s even worse with 10 players. Clarke had to be the one to go tonight… Hall was very good to be fair.

Game was a write-off from that point, can’t read too much into it. O’Conor at centre-back, Cotter at right-back was very strange. Duggan was awful. Mulhall couldn’t get involved. Ogbene is still very raw. I thought Hery was good, he’s a footballer. But McDonald can hardly know the players at this stage, you’d imagine Boland was picking the team and it was a strange selection.


Extended interview with the new gaffer on 95fm just now, quite an impressive character to be fair.


Brenden was going to get caught eventually. Did it in Sligo aswell and got away with a yellow. Your right we aren’t miles off and going off McDonald’s interview on live 95fm we should expect a busy transfer window. Look beat Bohs and harps next week which we are capable of doing we are back to being the best team in the world again. Keep the faith relegation isn’t even a thought in my mind


Just in case ye haven’t heard there is a Q and A with Neil McDonald in Jerry O deas tomorrow night at 8 if anyone is around. Us (blue army) and Supporters club are hosting it. Everyone welcome. Be interesting to hear what he has to say


Was there some guff between the Blue Army and other supporters in the stand on Friday? Sounded like a chant of “we’ll stand where we want” followed by some loud old fellas shouting back?
I was over on the popular side so could be completely wrong.
Fair play for the relentless support by the way. I don’t know how any of you have any voices left every weekend :joy:


Think it was to do with some Dundalk radio fella giving out before the match about not being able to see the match from the press area in the Market’s Field.


No aimed at the Dundalk media team. They put up a tweet during the week that the wanted us to sit down so they could see the game


1 up -tossy


We are the better team so far