Super Blues 2017


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1 - 1




Bohs alot better now. Cunts


Real football


That was my position when limerick scored down the other end as I was down there getting a cuppa. Fuck sake. A half of 2 halves. Limerick started better - then Bohs came into things big time.
Although Tosi had a great chance just before ht.
Cotter has started again at centre half - struggling.
Pretty sure John Caulfield sitting a few seats away from me.
Blue Army gave a fine rendition about his big fat head. Not sure they knew he is here though.
Giles and Dunphy here too in the posh seats. Both look tango’d. Think they maybe doing something for a documentary as they was a camera pointing at them at one stage


Are you in section A or in the Des Kelly? Dalymount is a grand place if you’re in A and can get a pint at HT. The Des Kelly is a fucking disgrace.


Decent crowd there… Sounds like typical Limerick Jekyll and Hyde performance.




And now Kerr and Crawley :grin:


I couldn’t believe the jacks here :joy::joy:

I’m in section b next to away support


Kerr has not shut up talking for one second. Gas man!


I think he could be beside a lad I know from Limerick who is now working in Dublin…maybe it’s not him.

Three points anyway for Les Super Blues.


Big 3 points .


Up your bollox @The_Selfish_Giant


Super result for Limerick FC


Stick that up your hole @sledgehammer and @RAFFlango


That is Alan Cawley he is talking to. Richie Sadlier is beside Cawley while John Caulfield was sitting on his Jack Jones a few seats up from that.
I’ll post a report up tomorrow I get time.
A great night out in lovely balmy weather :+1:


Not the lad I thought it was so. Similar sized nose :joy:


@chops91 Never in doubt!!