Super Blues 2017


Shane Tracy’s testimonial is due to be on Saturday 16th September.


Turner gone off to pats. Good to get a player off the wage bill. Hopefully it means there is someone coming in


McDonald isn’t mucking about anyway.

Tommy Walsh, Mulhall and Turner all dumped without being given much of a chance. Turner meant to be a bit of a big time Charlie anyway.

Performances and results haven’t improved that much since Russell left. Beginning to have my doubts about McDonald. Doesn’t know the league and regularly makes bizarre team selections. Next few fixtures are tough and don’t see us picking up many points from them.

We’re in a relegation scrap. Europe is well gone at this stage.


The players detest his system and there could be a revolt — he’s a hoof merchant




He dropped Robbie at the weekend - one of the leaders in the squad.

If he loses the trust of lads like him and Duggy he’ll be gone sooner or later.

Somehow McDonald has made us even worse at the back. He has been very underwhelming so far.


One of our main men will look to leave in the off season if he stays on.


Paul O connors twitter is interesting right now.

Him, robbie w and shaun kelly have been placed on transfer list


I told you last week that the players are not happy at all with management… He’s not rated.


Enjoy the first division chumps


Get that fraud McDonald out. Hasn’t a notion.


Pity. He seems like a nice decent bloke. Obviously a spoofer though


He had all the hallmarks of being a football dinosaur


Robbie Williams already being linked with Cork. I’d be gutted if that happened.


What the fuck like?


Wtf is McDonald at?

Six points above the relegation zone with a third of the season left and he’s gutting the squad. The three lads being forced out and Mulhall and Turner already ditched. You’d have to wonder if placing these three lads on the transfer list is a financial necessity or merely for “football reasons”. Kelly, O’Conor and Robbie would be three of the biggest earners I’d imagine.

Just makes no sense. He’s getting rid of some our best players and leaders. Kelly has been our most consistent player for years. Robbie has had a good season bar the odd blunder. O’Conor is a good character and battler.

I don’t think McDonald has a notion. Constantly picking players out of position. We’ve somehow got worse at the back than under Russell.

9/1 to go down. There’s worse 9/1 shots out there…


Sounds like cash flow is the issue at this stage. A few points above relegation, and way off the other end. Bray in free fall if anyone behind gets a run so they seem to be gambling on having enough to survive while saving a few bob. What have attendances been like lately?


I’m hearing it’s not a money issue - But players v manager issues but that’s the rumour mill


The three lads placed on the transfer list all stuck around after relegation two years ago, presumably turning down better offers elsewhere to play in the first division.

It’s just very odd. Hopefully they’ve a few replacements lined up over the next few days.

Just all seems very ominous.


@dodgy_keeper Where are you seeing the 9/1 to go down?