Super Blues 2017


I was told by an occasional TFK poster, in the open stand at half time last night that 9’s was the price to go down.

I’ll check with him and revert.


Limerick have a cuntish enough run of fixtures in the next month .


Too right

Tempted to head down to watch you cunts squirm


Are the 3 lads Gay & McDonald a homophobe by any chance?


Robbie gone- mutual consent.


Take that!


Nice to see a Manager taking decisive action against players trying to exert too much influence in a club. Players should concern themselves with their respective performances.


Massive mistake.

Losing your most commanding centre half as you face an impending relegation battle. Derry, Dundalk and Rovers in the next three and hard to see us picking up anything from those games.


Apparently McDonald was on 95fm this morning fielding the obvious “wtf” questions.

He kept saying watch this space…


There’s a couple of big time players linked - one in particular that will pull the crowds in.


And do you know who he is…


I’m working on it. Capped by Ireland apparently…


Gary Breen? Alan Kernaghan? Joe Lapira? Gordon D’arcy? Richardt Strauss? Al Finucane? HRH The Aga Khan?




McDonald would probably try play him as a centre-half.




I’m trying to get my man to divulge more but he is being very Cagey - deals only being discussed - tho I think the club have a couple of targets locked down already.

Still some ill feeling in the squad - our midfield players are not too happy with current management at all.


The fat lad from Forest?


Robbie Williams is now a Cork player - official.


Not good enough for Limerick, but good enough for Cork :joy: