Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


Another Aldon Smith,stupid fucking cunt. :rage:


Disgusting organization


Bad breeding.


We’ve lost our QBs coach and now our OC.

cc @maroonandwhite.


Its common in football to congratulate a coach in this scenario for what is essentially a promotion, especially after winning but im sickened. But then we’ve never faced this reality before.

Doug called the plays but Reich drew up the schemes and routes that worked brilliantly all year. A big loss. Darrell Bevell as a replacement maybe. He did work with Pederson before.

Losing DeFilippo doesn’t hurt as much as Pederson is as good a qb coach himself as anyone, so can do a but himself and hopefully pick a good replacement.


There’ll be murder over this.


AJ McCarron has won his arbitration against the Bengals, meaning he will be an unrestricted free agent. He’s gonna get paid to be a starter and it adds another wrinkle to the free agent QB class.


Is he good enough tho? Very unproven at NFL level with little game time at Bengals and hard to know if it was Alabama or his production for his good spell there. Couldn’t be worse than Bortles tho and he’s really the bench mark of teams who can succeed with a shit QB.


Assume he will get signed by the Bengals abd be the placeholder until whoever they draft this April is ready


I’d say they’ll have to offer him a lot of money to keep him, they’d be better off just taking the comp pick.


Sorry, meant the Browns. Hue is a big fan




Chiefs are trading Marcus Peters to the LA Rams


He must be poison in a locker room or his attitude must be terrible for them to trade him now when they had two team friendly years left on his contract.

Big addition for the Rams. Trumaine Johnson to hit free agency


The Lions have put a franchise tag on Ziggy Ansah.


Teddy Bridgewater is likely to hit free agency.


Combine this weekend.

Darnold won’t throw until his pro day because he’s a pansy.

RBs out first on Friday.


You’d be a fool to throw at the combine if you’re doing it at your pro day. Why risk your draft stock on receivers you’re completely unfamiliar with?


I look for confidence bordering on arrogance in my No.1 draft picks. If I’m Sam and I see Josh and Baker rolling into town, you bet your ass that I’m gonna be there to compete. To show that I’m the best QB in the draft.*

*Obvious caveat this year with the browns holding the #1.