Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


I’m in a dynasty league and I have the 2nd and 4th picks and I need RBs. Barkley is the clear #1 pick so probably looking at Michel and Guice right now. I’d love for a WR to break from the pack an create a big buzz.


Supposedly a pretty poor crop of WRs and Pass Rushers this year


TEs are thin on the ground too compared with last year.


You’re looking at Guice #2 unless he runs a 4.6 40 or something daft. Ronald Jones would be my pre-combine choice at #4.


Yeah it’s pretty fluid, last year Dalvin Cook was #1 until he stunk up the combine. And when he got to the big show that was quickly forgotten. Remarkable class of RBs last year. I also have the 17th pick. 2 good RBs and a starter QB would be the just the job. Seen Lamar Jackson described as a taller, right handed Michael Vick. Eh, ok, you have my full attention.


combine :joy:


I know, I agree with you. It’s a preposterous event.



It’s like that thing Shane Dowling won back in the day, he’d have been drafted no1, in fact they probably have traded three years of first round picks for him


Dowling will be like Nick Foles when he reaches the promised land!


Does the guy with the number 1 pick have a serviceable RB? Might be worth your while offering him the #2 and #4 picks if you really want Barkley, you never know.


Matt Forte retired, Jonathan Stewart released by the Panthers


His team is a total shit show.


Wilkerson released by NYJ.


Saquon weighed in at 233. If he runs the 40 anywhere in the 3’s, he might just break the INTERNET.


Another cracking thread from Warren Sharp;


Maurice Hurst has been diagnosed with a heart issue at the combine and been sent home for further tests. Orlando Brown stunk it up yesterday. Both of them looked like high first round picks and now may be out of day one reckoning.

Rumour that the Dolphins and Bears in talks for a Landry/Jordan Howard trade. That would be madness by the Bears.


Landry just might be the most overrated player in the league


I think he is is a good player but just how highly can you value a slot receiver?


Are you still supporting the Chargers mate?