Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


I am. While obviously appalled by the actions of Spanos in engineering a move to LA and very sympathetic to the city of San Diego, I decided it would be arbitrary for me to switch to another team because they moved from one locale I had no real connection with to another.


Very decent of you.


In the same range as a 2 down running back?


Hopefully they’ll end up back in San Diego. It’s been a disaster so far in LA and the Rams are streets ahead of them there.


Who has two more years left on a 5th round pick contract and has had back to back 1000 yard seasons in an offence which has been utterly mediocre aside from him.


If you took Landry off Miami last year they’d have been a lot poorer but I agree it seems a poor deal for Chicago


The Bears must be enamoured with this year’s RB class. A Chubb or a Penny on Day 2 of the draft would generally be seen as an upgrade, talentwise, on Howard. RBs are the most disposable asset on any offence. It looks a poor year for receivers, so FA is their best bet to acquire talent.

A move for Landry makes sense IMO. Nagy may be on a short leash. They have a decent D and probably feel they’re not too far off competing for divisional honours in the next 2-3 years.

You’re a staunch Lions man, yeah?


Landry is a good player and would be a decent upgrade on what is a pretty poor receiver group in Chicago and may well fit what Nagy is doing but he certainly isn’t worth the Antonio Brown/Deandre Hopkins level deal/ money he is looking for especially as he can only really play the slot.

They have a decent defensive front but plenty of other gaps they need to fill on defense and giving up 15 million or so a year and draft picks for Landry wouldn’t be great business when someone like Allen Robinson could be got in free agency at a far more team friendly terms.



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Richard Sherman days in Seattle look to be numbered


Seahawks have traded Michael Bennett to the Eagles


How the fuck do they have cap space for him?


They have just gone and blown up the D.

Assume Vinny Curry will be traded by the Eagles now to make cap room


They have a handy enough path to getting close to the cap, a number of contracts can be jettisoned without dead money against the cap


Talk of trading Earl Thomas to the Chargers too


Bottom of the NFC West is looking a real possibility now.


My goodness gracious me.


Rams have reunited Aqib Talib with Marcus Peters. A 5th going to Denver in an apparent salary dump. Possibly suggesting they’ll move for Cousins.That’s a tasty corner duo the Rams have snagged this off season.