Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


They will be there with him, a great signing


Titans release DeMarco Murray. Derrick Henry could have a monster season next year


The Rams are making serious moves here.


Wade Phillips operating with Peters and Talib is frightening prospect for the like of Jimmy G, Wilson and whoever Arizona bring in.


Richard Sherman will be released later today


Assume he will stay on the West Coast and head back to California with the 49ers or Raiders vying for him


Jarvis Landry to Browns. 2 picks to Dolphins




Baker Mayfield behind a half decent offensive line with Gordon and Coleman out wide and Landry in the slot has a lot of potential


And Saquon to keep them honest?


That’s the big one, Landry and Gordon the perfect double act


Good deal for both teams. Miami get two picks out of nothing. Browns get a nice safety blanket for whatever rookie QB they draft.


I like Jarvis Landry- If you need 5 yards, Jarvis Landry will get you 7 yards. If you need 10 yards, Jarvis Landry will get you 7 yards


Will he be there at 4?


If you need 10 yards, he’ll get 15 running sideways


He’ll definitely be there at 1 :hugs:


here’s a great tweet guys


If they were to get Cousin’s in free agency and Barley at 1 then that is a seriously loaded offence. Todd Haley is an utter prick but a decent OC as well.



Don’t think that’s gonna happen, apparently Cousins has narrowed his choice down to Vikings, Jets, Broncos or Cardinals.