Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


I’d agree but it is the only way I can see them taking Barkley at 1 is if they get a quality QB in free agency. Mayfield is a stud and will be their pick at 1. Would be madness if they don’t take their first choice QB in the draft and are willing to settle for whoever at 4 to get Barkley.


The Browns should take the best QB on their board and then trade out of #4 and pick up yet another number 1 pick next year.

I’d also argue that Cleveland is a more attractive landing spot than the Jets for Cousins. Landry, Gordon, Coleman and Djoku and a good o line if Thomas comes back. Plenty to work with there.

The Browns could be poised to break out but it’s hard to have faith in Hue Jackson, amazing he’s still there really.


Hue and Greg Williams are two black marks against them alright. Shocking that Hue was kept but assume he is on a very tight leash with Dorsey



Third round pick for Taylor. 3rd and 4th for Landry. Good days work


Browns have also traded for Damarius Randell from the Packers. Busy day for them.


Really looking like Barkley will go first and the Browns will gamble that they can still get Darnold at 4,Chubb will surely go in between at 2-3…


Looks like DeShone Kizer has gone to the Packers. Some carry on tonight.


:astonished: :popcorn:


This is mad he was the main hate target for all Niner fans but the mans a baller,be some craic for the Seahawk games now!


He’s coming home, baby!


9ers are box office baby!!


Case Keenum is signing with the Broncos. First QB domino to fall.


You get the CBS sports notifications too!


Allen Robinson to the Bears


Happy enough with that. He’s going to sign for $18m over three years apparently as opposed to $28m for Cousins.

I didn’t realise that it was Kubiak that initially signed Keenum as an undrafted Free agents for the Texans in 2012 as well.

Interesting to see if Elway can bolster the O Line between now and the draft. The Bills are looking to trade up further to take a shot at Darnold allegedly. It’s also very likely that Siemian and CJ Anderson get traded away as well.


I think Keenam is a pretty average player who hit a hot streak last year on a very dominant side. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is a bust in Denver with whoever they draft being entrenched as the starter by the second half of the season.

Minnesota could very easily have kept him for that kind of outlay given their cap space and they had zero interest.


Yeah I think this is a distinct possibility. Minnesota have probably the best non-QB roster in the league, they would make any QB look good.


I could see that too as well. I could also see Cousins being a bust wherever he lands.

Hard to see what Elway will do int he draft now. I can’t see him missing out on drafting a QB this high given what happened the last few times when he drafted at the bottom of the first and top and second rounds.


Andrew Norwell to the Jags

Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs