Super Bowl LIII - The Dirty Road to ATL


Mahomes bombing it to Hill, Sammy and Kelce or dumping it off to Hunt. Interesting lineup.


And playing 9 dome games in the regular season helps too


50m for Drew- 2 year deal.


Clearly would rather make money than maximise chances of winning a SuperBowl.


Cousins offered 58m by Vikings.


84m, what did Jimmy G get?


$61.2 million over the first two seasons, $48.7M of which is guaranteed ,137.5 million over 5 years in total.




Kirk Cousins is expected to sign with the #Vikings, on a 3-year, $84M contract, fully guaranteed.

$28m a year for 3 years on top of his double franchise tag. $128m in 5 years. Well played.




Super bowl failure Danny Amendola going to Miami


Sam Bradford to the Cardinals


It’s all happening.


Except for the Jets and their 90 million in cap space.


Who is left for them to overpay? Teddy Bridgewater would be an obvious one, who else? cc @Rocko


Aj McCarran or bring back Mccowan.


With those options surely they’ll pin their hopes on the draft, it seems Two of Rosen, Allen and Mayfield will be left


Looks like Teddy to Jets is happening


Jimmy Graham To packers


Paul Richardson to Redskins