Super Bowl LVII -The arduous advance to Arizona

Hernandez notably in there on the last shot. A toxic work culture that clearly influenced him.

Hernandez and Antonio Brown have had mental breakdowns from working with that creep Brady.

Look over there…

Rodgers to the Jets per source

That’s actually the perfect landing spot, really exciting @Batigol

Is he not a touch old? I’ll be behind my beloved Jets either way


Wilson or White better options

“Two footed Laois Gaelic Footballer” :rofl:

Fair play to Ross, his aul fella Jim Bolger will be very proud.

Damar Hamlin ‘conspiracy’ is big on twitter, what’s it all about?

@Thomas_Brady ?

No photos of Hamlin released yet because he’s really dead and the NFL are covering it up.

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Seems like Josh Allen was interviewed about there possibly being a body double of Damar in the locker room at the weekend to which he replied to the effect “I don’t think so” which doesn’t sound convincing and got clipped and Twitter hamster went nuts. Athough later he clarified and said it was total nonsense and that it was Damar.

Michael Irwin was some player back in the day.

Not as good as Geronimo Rice though

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I’m watching Americas game here for the cowboys in 96. Cracking episode.

His name is Michael Irvin


The Dutch hate Michael Irwin iirc


He was a good football player too !!