Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


It begins now.

The Pats have the 4th highest cap space available, with any mega contracts in the offing, to boost their bid for a repeat. Broncos need a new O Line, Seattle need a rethink, Raiders need a new home, Niners need a new roster.

Lots of teams are in transition mode. Let’s just hope we can tempt @labane1917 back to shock his wonderful and extensive knowledge of the game.




Was Dan Quinn calling the plays in the Super Bowl?


Seemingly yes


I’m gonna get behind a team this year and brush up on my knowledge of the NFL. When does pre-season start?

@ChocolateMice: should I stick with my beloved Packers or do I need to find a different franchise? When does the transfer window close?


Vikings to win.

Teddy will be back. You heard it here first boys.


Time to abandon the Bengals and jump fully on the Saints wagon


Where are they going to get an O Line from?

Plenty of teams are scrambling to fix the O Line this year so the pickings in Free Agency will be slim for a team with so little Cap Space ($18m) and no first round draft pick.


Teddy won’t be back. And even if he was healthy I’d still start Bradford.


If Teddy was anywhere near healthy they’d go with him and redeem the first round pick sent to the Eagles.

Even if the draft isn’t deep with talent on the O Line they’d be in a better trade position to ship the first round pick for a couple of lower picks to boost the O line down there and bring in form one of these

They should drop Kalil as quick as they can to free up cap space being tied up by a serious underachiever.


Bounce back year from the Panthers.

Funchess and KBenj to emerge as a top (top) pair of wideouts.

Fournette to take the running game to new heights.

And a massive year from your 2017 DPOTY Lukey Kuechly.


Great to see you back, mate… you disappeared around the 3 quarter the other night and we hadn’t heard from you since. Hope you’re keeping well, bud.


Mate, there’s a dedicated thread to last year’s SuperBowl elsewhere on the forum.



They’ll be lucky to see Fournette drop to the 8th pick.


You don’t seem to be replying to comments/tags there so I said I would catch you in here. Hope you’re well.


Could only see the Jets snagging him before that, but they have more pressing issues.

Of course with the Browns at #1, anything is possible.


Is Fournette going to the combine? His medical will be interesting if he does go.


That firing makes more sense now if that is true, they certainly kept that under their hat. I had no idea Quinn was calling plays.


I wouldn’t write off the Jags either. There’s a few Mock Draft projected him to land there.

I can’ tsee the Jets letting him pass if his health checks out though.


The titles for Superbowl threads have been terribly unimaginative in recent years.

The “Path to Meadowlands” title for the 2014 Superbowl thread was I assume so chosen because of the name of the train that crosses under the Hudson to the stadium in question. A fine thread title, but it’s been downhill ever since.

The 2015 thread “the Dusty Path to Phoenix, Arizona” was just about acceptable, given its reference to the Arizona desert, but a reference to Route 66 would have been much more appropriate.

The 2016 Superbowl thread title, “the Road to Santa Clara”, was pathetic and given that Santa Clara is essentially San Jose, a rather obvious cultural reference was missed here.

Similarly “the Road to Houston” thread title made no reference to the mode of transport that Houston is best known for.

Minneapolis is known for two things - the late, great, Prince, and the Mississippi river.

Please amend the thread title to “Superbowl LII - The Meandering to Minneapolis”, to reflect the culture of the venue’s area.


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Get fucked indeed.