Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


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Minneapolis is known as the home of the Mary Tyler Moore show.


There is good value in taking the saints. They would have every chance of replicating what Atlanta did this year. All they need to do is get a half decent draft with a leaning towards defensive players and pass rush. They will have a couple of long term injuries back next season and one or 2 acquisitions off free agency and they will be very very competitive and should make the play offs.


Stick with the packers mate, the people’s franchise


This is a much better thread title. Beautiful alliteration.


Thanks Pal. #greenbaytilidie


Ravens will walk this


Giants have cut Victor Cruz


Darrelle Revis in a major spot of bother


And so the off season madness begins,fuckin idiots.


Adrian Peterson has been released by the Vikings, he is now a free agent.


Jamaal Charles has been cut too


John Ross looks to have broken the record for the fastest ever 40 metre dash at the combine


Alshon looks to be heading to Philly. Wentz will be delighted.


Just what the Eagles needed though I read that they would be going for the aforementioned John Ross


Most mocks have them taking a RB in the first. That coin toss could be crucial.

Ross couldn’t even run the 40 without pulling up lame. He’ll bust.


The Eagles won the coin toss at the combine Chuck.


That’s what i meant. Colts also in the RB market.


Well Jeffrey makes that a no brainer though there’s a couple of Rbs there who could do a job if there was a downfield threat.


Someone’s gonna get a steal in Mixon on Day 2. Can’t wait for the screaming marys to lose their shit.