Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis


Hightower fumbles on his first carry for the niners, four (4) turnovers now in the first half. Carlos Hyde looking good, that’s about it.


CJ Beathard taking up where he left off last week against the Chiefs, looks to be clinching the backup role and might replace that useless cunt Brian Hoyer before too long.


Anquan Boldin retires after 2 weeks in Buffalo. It’ll do that to a man…


Jets front office have identified who they’ll be taking with the first pick of the 2018 draft.


Hard Knocks episode 2. The cutting of Aguayo playing out is fascinating viewing.


he has developed a strange skipping motion on his follow through. I thought it looked odd when they were showing it on hard knocks and looking at his college kicks highlights on youtube, he wasnt doing it back then.

just read this analysis about Aguyao. Seems he did have the skip step in college, although it is what has fucked him up in the NFL according to this guy


OBJ has taken a nasty looking helmet to the knee against the Browns. Naturally, he hasn’t taken it well.


That’s a big time cheap stop.


Bears ice Phil Dawson in a preseason game. Missed FG returned for a TD :joy:


DeShone Kizer had a good backup outing with the Browns.


The locker room talk has Brock starting Week 1, which is bizarre. Obviously the Browns aren’t contenders but you’ve still got to go with the unknown rookie over the known (terrible) guy.

Kizer on a short leash either way, given the draft capital the Browns have in 2018 to make a move for a Rosen/Darnold/Allen.


No you don’t. If you put the rookie in too early you could ruin him as has been borne out many times in the league. Osweiler will start but be on a very tight lease while Kiser is given time to get up the learning curve before getting his chance in the second half of the season.

I thought Kessler looked adequate from the bits i saw of him last year. Surprised he has dropped to third string at this stage.


Backup TE, Seth deValve became the first white lad to take a knee during the anthem last night. Some people will do anything to win over the locker room.


Fair play to him




Is this a Game of thrones thing?




Exactly, what the fuck are they at?


Don’t worry about it, kid… It’s only a story running for the last 18 months or so. Shove your thumb back up your hole


@hue_jackson has named Deshone Kizer the starter for Sunday’s regular season dress rehearsal after receiving a PM from 2 time TFKNFLFF champion, @Chucks_Nwoko.