Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis



Per Rotoworld,

Owner Steve Bisciotti indicated that whether the Ravens sign free agent Colin Kaepernick will be determined at least partly by fan reaction to the potential deal.

The Ravens have reportedly been “inundated” by fan messages since coach John Harbaugh leaked word the team was considering signing Kaepernick. “I hope we do what is best for the team and balance that with what is best for our fans,” Bisciotti said. “Your opinions matter to us. … We’re very sensitive to it, and we’re monitoring it, and we’re trying to figure out what’s the right tact.” Bisciotti said he is praying about the decision and asked fans to “pray for us.”



Jay Cutler signing a 1 year deal with Miami



6 game ban for Zeke. Expect it to take effect September 2018.


My beloved Eagles have just traded away Jordan Matthews for some corner back from the Bills.

The Bills have sent Sammy Watkins to the Rams.


Whatt the actual fuck?


Is Ronald Darby any use, mate? I don’t really follow NFL intently.


No. Has to be health related. Bills know something.


Very emotional conference with big Vince Wednesday.

Enjoy your retirement big guy.


The Bills didn’t pick up his fifth year option in the spring. He is either crocked or cancer in the dressing room. They gave up a lot to draft him 4 years ago


Trading one gobshite for another


Even though it’s only preseason, it’s wonderful to have the NFL back. I am hereby serving notice that I am switching my alligence from the treacherous cut and run Raiders back to my beloved 49ers. Now that they have top blokes as GM and head coach again, they are worthy of my unswerving loyalty.


Your boy, Joey Will, got some moves.


He’s got speed for sure, lot to prove yet though. Was really impressed with the rookie Beathard, could be in with a shot for backup QB, which means he will start games when Hoyer inevitably gets injured.


And I have now gone in the other direction on a full time basis, Raider nation.


Getting around to watching hardknocks at the moment. Jameis seems like the definition of an alright sort. Ridiculously humble.



Gerald McCoy is a cool dude. Next couple if episodes should be great with Agueyo getting cut


Is it on Demand?


Did he cost them a few games last year? I remember a good few missed kicks but not sure if any decided games. Hard to believe they used a 2nd round pick on him.