Superbowl LII - The Purple Rainy Road to Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis



Texans trade a '18 second to the Browns for them to get Brock the fuck outta Houston. Madness.


Madness, Romo will be in Houston shortly then. Fair play to the Texans for engineering this. Browns mustn’t fancy any of the QBs this year and are willing to tank another year so they can have a shot at Darnold, Rosen etc.


And they’ve more than enough cap space to take the hit. I like this move for them. Next year’s QB class looks shit hot.


This years off season is mental. Some amount of trades and deals. Looks like Butler for cooks could be happening too.


Rumour has it the browns may well just cut Osweiler. In essence paying $14 million for a second round draft pick


DeAndre Levy cut by the Lions


You would want to be getting Patrick Peterson/Josh Norman or Richard Sherman for Brandin Cooks. Absolutely shocking trade for Saints if that comes to pass. Butler is not a shutdown corner. It would be more in their line to get a pass rusher. Corners are not much use if the opposing teams QB has all day in the pocket.


That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. None.


Ah now, Cooks isn’t that good at all.
Butlers value is also relative to what other corners are available at the time/for a similar price.


Jeffrey gone to the Eagles.


In other news


Cooks is probably the most versatile receiver in the league. He is a superstar. Can play in the Slot and is a deep threat. Rarely drops catches and has posted over 1,000 yards in last 2 seasons. He can also be used in the backfield. He probably would have got offensive rookie of the year had he not got injured in his first season.


If he is a superstar then why did they take away 20% of his targets in the last third of the season and give them to Thomas.




There was a feeling in the big easy that he was becoming a bit too big for his boots. Payton and Brees probably tried to soften his cough a bit. Exact same thing happened with Jimmy Graham who ended up getting himself traded.



If the Browns managed to trade him and pick up another relativelt high draft pick it would be outrageously good from them. Two high draft picks for holding his contract for a day or two


It’s pure fucking lunacy. The Browns went through about 4 or 5 QBs last year and now they are going to pay a lad $14 million and just cut him. It’s insanity.


AJ Bouye to the Jags. Just like last year, they’re spending big on the D.


They have oceans of cap space. Assume they made the move to get their cap hit up and above league minimum.