Lovely swell from Isha in Glenmalure

Despite having a couple of degrees the young lad was on the buildings (long hours but the money is good) in Australia but took six months out to go to Thailand to do a teaching through English course. He was out swimming one day with a few friends when himself and a girl got caught in a rip-tide that pulled them out to sea.

He’s a strong enough swimmer but they just couldn’t get back in. She passed out somehow, so there he was supporting a girl he hardly knew, getting swept further out to sea. I’d imagine he was in a state of fair panic at that stage. Luckily some guy on a jet-ski just happened to pass by and saved them. She came back round after a few minuted on the beach. Obviously he’s great friends with that girl now and is forever thankful to the guy on the jet-ski.

The whole incident had a deep effect on him and drove him home to us over Easter. Just past 30 he’s now at a turning point in his life. He’s been all over the world (except South America which was on his list next) but I think he needed time out to try sort his life out. While home he met lots of people, did interviews for jobs, met old girlfriends but I think it was the constant rain that drove him back to Australia and the buildings. There was tears as God knows when we’ll see him again…

Living the life in Sydney, but China is next with a Chinese girl. Her father is going to set him up with a job. Who knows, he might even settle down…

Stay safe out there lads…



Was down in Whitegate direction in East Cork over the weekend and we went to Inch beach. Very picturesque, loads of rock pools and plenty of shelter from high cliffs. The tide was fairly far out at about 3 O Clock and it was relatively calm. Some waves but fairly innocuous. I said I’d go in for a quick swim on west side of the beach close to the rock reefs before heading down to Cork for the match later that evening.
Anyway I made my way out, what I thought was a safe distance, up to my navel. Stuck my head under the water a few times and swam a few metres. I turned around towards the shore and all of a sudden the shore was a lot further away than I had thought. This I thought was different. I went to plant my feet and all of a sudden I was totally submerged. Panic mode started to set in now. It was like I was on a travelator going one direction. Best efforts to swim straight in were futile. I was caught in a rip current. I swam parallel to the shore to some rocks ripping my whole chest to shreds in the process. I eventually somehow made it to shore inch by inch. Perhaps dragging a sled around in training earlier on in the season wasnt such a futile exercise afterall, as I processed just what unfolded later. Family none the wiser of course happy out making sandcastles until they saw me covered in scrapes and cuts. Drowning really is the silent killer. No lifeguards on duty as apparently its not safe to swim there. No signs to that effect or signage indicating there are rip currents. This despite the fact they supposedly have to pull people out of there all the time and its one of most notorious beaches for rip tides in Ireland. Not good enough at this day and age.


What a day, what a city


good thinking to get there before the scrotes, and @Fran are out of bed

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I was down in 40 foot the last 2 nights, it was unreal. I wouldn’t be a big fan of Seapoint

Some lads just dont get it…

the key to seapoint is getting there for high tide, before noon or after 6.30, its a lot less busy then and a very nice swim.

40er and sandycove get mobbed when its anyway sunny

Iv been there loads of times and never knew either it wasn’t safe to swim there…that’s a bit of a joke alright…there are other places like long strand for example where you are well warned about no swimming…thankfully you are ok