Tailteann Cup - The new Tommy Murphy

Real giant killing today in fortress LHOMP. New York eventually sent packing and Laois retain their unbeaten record against the Big Apple Stretching back nearly 100 years now

Laois v Kildare.

The one we all wanted.

The cunts are only taking us to Offaly. Treacherous fucks.

Down v Wicklow game fixed for 4.30 thank god in Newry, gives us plenty of time to get out of the place before throw-in for Mickey Hartes lot against Westmeath. Leinster teams have dominated this competition so a tough draw for us against Wicklow, but on the bright side one of Laois or Kildare will be gone by Saturday night if we do advance.

I suspect this will be the most interesting thing about Sundays game, both centre backs have the same name

Do Harps play football or who would the Harps boys play with?

They do but they can take or leave it

Finalists in the junior last year I think, pulled out of it the year before. Small ball is king when they get to adult

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Didier Cordonnier sounds like a fella that drove for Ligier in the 70s.

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Apparently he got sent off in a club game because the ref thought he was giving him a fake name.

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Ah jaysus :laughing:


:smiley: just shows how monocultural the GAA is though. Hard to believe there are so few inter county players from non Irish backgrounds still in this day and age.

Radek Oberwan and his brother Arek play for Leitrim.Not sure of their heritage/nationality.I remember another polish sounding lad playing for us back in the 00s.There was an auld codger used to post here on the Leitrim Gaa thread but he left to pursue rock climbing full time who would probably remember.

A barnstormer here in Yoghurt O Connor Park. Laois 1-4 Kildare 0-7 at the break With Laois to have whatever wind is in the Kildare home ground wind tunnel in the second half. Both sides look exceptional though, incredibly high quality of football with savage savage intensity

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Get fucking in.


New term for Glenn Ryan?

Already gone

That’s disappointing, I was hoping he’d be pig headed enough to stay on.

That was a mightily enjoyable day out in O Connor Park. You’d have thought Kildare might have made more out of their home advantage but they were as meek a side as I’vre ever seen wearing the famous white shirts. A Laois who scraped over New York ate them alive all over the pitch and it truth it could have been a ten point beating.

Laois v Antrim
Down v Sligo

Those are two incredibly mouth watering semi finals



Superb win for ye. Kildare are some farce, I’d say Glenn hadn’t a fucking breeze.

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