Has any other poster ever brought so much to an internet forum in 1690 posts? :smiley:


@Tassotti is internet royalty. He has been rattling no marks like Art Fooley for over a decade at this point


1690 :eek:


I know, it has flown. :clap:


@mickee321[/USER] ,@[USER=273]caoimhaoin and lapsed poster TippTopps


Maclean Avenue was a bit of a bucko too.


Tassotti has any amount of posters here dancing to his tune without even raising a sweat. He reminds me of the raven in his pomp, the same lads biting down on the same bait every time.


An annoying, foul-mouthed, uncouth lout of a poster who lowers the tone of the place down to the lowest level imaginable.


But enough about Taz, what do you make of Tasotti?


Tazotti just doesn’t work as well as GMac and Pikefran.




Are you going to Ascot mate?


Going Saturday if I am not too sick. I always get destroyed on a Friday night. Working down south most of the time now. So i am going to move down


Today is the 7th anniversary of @Tassotti joining :birthday:

I rarely find myself nodding in agreement with his posts, but he has a lovely way about him all the same. A fantastic poster and probably a nice lad in real life to boot.


Christ this will drive that cunt @Mac demented.


He’s come on a lot since then, to give him his due.


You left an awful void mate, @Tassotti stepped in


caoimhaoin :smile:


Which one is Tassotti again?


It’s funny I never even noticed him before. You couldn’t make it up.