Sounds like the moniker of a chap that was bent over a park bench and had his hole raped.


I do think we’re kindred spirits.

I have a vast collection of anecdotes which I’ll sprinkle about the place in time, to the great interest of very few, I’d wager.

Like the time a few weeks ago when I was riding my Croatian at lunchtime, dismounted at Chapelizod and produced a geyser of blood instead of the usual. I was 10 minutes late back in work but fuck it, it took a while to stop and I needed to be relatively sure I wouldn’t die by clocking off time.

As Morrissey once sang, “Well I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible”.


A few of the self conscious lemons who can’t match his standard of posting are raging here


That’s exactly what I was saying.




He’s a fascinating character no doubt, I suppose a serious discussion about him will only ever happen when he has a heart attack above on some tramp and the old bill look through his computer in the futile attempt to find someone who cares, they’ll put the feelers out here and we can have a good old reminisce about the old prick and what drove him on.


Some of them are frothing. The usual casualties. And some like @Mac who usually stick their beaks into anything and everything have decided for once to just zip it.
It’s fascinating to just sit back and watch.


@Mac is a lot thicker than he looks in the pictures you sent me, I love playing an auld game with myself when I am bored, i throw in a glaring mistake that I know the idiot will jump on, then sit back and wait to see how long it takes him to stick his beak in, it always cracks me up,he never fails to let me down, he is right pleased with himself then, proud as punch he is, thinks he’'s right clever so he is :joy:





God bless him he is a desperate simpleton.
You know I could tolerate the little prick a lot more if he could just show a bit of humility sometimes and stop trying to be so superior.


Apologies, the image of the little chap spouting a seemingly never-ending river of the red stuff temporarily impaired my grammar.


That’s some riding in fairness. It’s a shame to have to stop due to over use


Happy anniversary @Tassotti


The confirmed bachelor


If only. It was actually a good way of finding out subsequently that the drugs I’d been on in the previous few days nearly killed me. And I never even knew.

You live (with some luck and using your head and more luck) and learn, I suppose.


@Tassotti get yourself to Epsom next Saturday I’ve a feeling it will be a special day for Keiran fallon on 33/1 shot across the Stars.


I have him backed and I will be there with a load of clare lads off their heads on personal. It could be one of the greatest days of my life if he could do it


I backed him myself last night. Going to be a great day.


Just imagine it. I hope the weather holds up. I think it’s awful late this year. Around 5ish?


16:30. A few showers about and there might be a cut in the ground.