Taxi Drivers


Thats a pretty harsh comparison to come out with about a young girl.


Sad to see @Tim_Riggins resorting to both racism and child bullying here.


I got into a cab last night. The drivers opening gambit was I hate this job, I’m giving it up. I said why? Has it got very rough?
Nah, I’ve just had enough of it. Driving here, driving there, it’s doing my head in.

Oh right, what’ll you do for money.

I’ll be grand. I can live on a shoestring.

Grand so.


He should have really read the job description more closely before getting into it…


Only for the unsociable hours and having to drive people here and there it’d be a grand job.


And the Nigerians… Don’t forget the Nigerians.


I got a lift into town with a savage racist there. A real Dubliner. He fucking hated blacks


It’s good that he got over his hatred. What made him change his ways?



Fucking foreigners coming over here thinking they own the place… the cabbie should have reversed over his head


In the interests of balance after my recent poor experience with a driver I had a lovely trip home two nights ago with a Ugandan driver. I’d always enjoy hearing about other countries traditions and food they eat. I then blew his mind when I told him about the Gall Peters projection and the globe being a lie. He shook my hand and set off while googling this.





How many years ago now since Birdy set out on his jolly spree?

  1. He killed 12.

Same year as Raoul Moat, who has taken over in the publicity stakes. He killed 1 but Gazza turned up.


Moaty made a rod for his own back.


He was a chicken to do what he did though.


cc @chops91


If this mug showed up on my booking confirmation, I’d cancel the Uber.