Taxi Drivers


That looks like the egg chaser Gerry Flannery


Is that because he’s just pled guilty to killing 6 people?


No, it’s because he looks like a psychotic mutant with the potential to murder 6+ people.







He looks to have a trustworthy face.


He’s playing the Paddy Jackson card


Not caught the whure yet?


Will he get a fare trial?


Reduced rate


He charged by the inch, rather than the meter.


Typical rovers supporter


He got 3 shots off in an hour and a half?


Will she be entitled to a refund?


They must have spent a small fortune changing the name from Hailo which was a clever name (people were using it as a verb i.e. I’ll hailo a taxi), and changing it to the shitely named mytaxi and now they want to change it again into “free now” which if possible is an even shitter name.

Some fucking marketing genius raking in another few million for himself.




Fuck sake Sid.


I know mate, they’re two examples of dreadful rebrands.

The crap Eastenders theme sounds like something you’d hear in the background when the US Masters leaderboard is being flashed up on television.


You love your TV themes don’t you?!

(So do I actually)