Ted Hankey Offered a Premier League Wildcard

It has been confirmed today that Ted Hankey has been offered a Premier League Wildcard. Let’s hope Ted has the balls to take up this massive challenge.

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Not true mate, one of the BDO’s star names joining the PDC is big news in my opinion.

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Apologies dude.

Well that’s Chisnall in the Premier League then…

The line up has been announced…

Adrian Lewis
Gary Anderson
James Wade
Simon Whitlock
Kevin Painter
Raymond van Barneveld
Andy Hamilton
Phil Taylor

Surprised to see Painter in there, would rather John Part myself. But the elite darts field besides that IMO.

I would rather Nicholson than Panter or Hamilton but still can’t wait for this. Something to look forward to after the Amateur darts at the Lakeshite.

Where’s Barneveld ranked these days? Never liked that chap and would rather not see him in this.

The PDC came and offered him £$€ but Ted Hankey said NO.

Ted Hankey said NO.

Hankey said NO.

The PDC offered £$€ but Hankey said NO.

Real Dart, Real People :clap:

On a side note did you hear the lack of grace from the winner of the EDL/PDC darts in his interview after the final, what a horrible shower they are

More like Ted knew he’d get absolutely hammered week in week out so he said no, can’t blame him really.

Hankey is not even ranked in the top 10 of the 2nd rate BDO farce. He would have been embarrassingly out of his depth.

Do you actually think the count was given an invitation to this? :lol:

Maybe an invitation to stand at the bar and watch it, yes.